Spirited Away At Oppikoppi 2017

@Four Broke Photographers


@Four Broke Photographers

I was picked up by a boy with silver hair. My friend organized the ride, having already arrived the day before with the rest of the new crew that adopted her, and there appeared a silver haired, blue eyed boy to whisk me away into the land of dust.

Twenty minutes and two joints into the ride my excitement grew. It wasn’t until a few hours later, passing a bottle of tequila around the ember remnants of a campfire in Mordor, nestled against my lovely friend in a circle of 20 that I knew I was at home with my festival crew.

Shut Up! It’s Sunday rocked us into festival vibes on Thursday, with their energy keeping us engaged through afternoon sprinkles at the Skellum stage. From there we bounced around between James Phillips and main stage catching a number of stellar performances to set the pace of the weekend.

My days are marked by faces of friends and the faces of drugs. Friday day fungi allowed a day of strong vibes across all stages, leading into a Friday night marked by the rush of MDMA that flooded my senses. I enjoyed the captivating glisten of the stage lights through the seemingly never ending drops of rain. The warm touch of a person’s hand on my shoulder, with the pulse of Naked and Famous tunes willing my blood and heart to sync with the music and the cool, refreshing drops of rain on my face and outstretched tongue parlayed us from a hot and #InDustWeTrust afternoon into a rainy thunderstorm night. The walk home through Mordor that night was scored to the soundtrack of bodies slipping though mud as they lost their grip to the earth and arose coated from head to toe in dislodged, rain soaked dust.

@Four Broke Photographers

Saturday morning was a quick glass of coffee followed by three friends in the woods behind the jazz stage embarking on an LSD journey. I am a firm believer that the taking of acid should be an intimate adventure. From the start, be it placing the paper on the tongue of your trip partner, or passing it to them in a kiss, the best trips start when you take it together and send each other off on the adventure, letting them know you will meet them soon in the other world. This was how both my OppiKoppi acid trip, and OppiKoppi festival were experienced. The silver haired boy, my friend and I stepped into a thirteen hour ride of music and magic. The Jazz stage welcomed our criss-cross leg seat, swaying to music as dreaded friends in hippie attire slowly danced and wobbled in a solo world to the songs. There were many times we walked with a mission and found ourselves splitting to different stages, each following the siren call of whichever particular beat was speaking to our mind at the time. Because Oppi features seven different stages, you can always find the sound you are seeking. The beauty of the crew that adopted us was that they had a festival cadence of always meeting at a particular space in the crowd. We knew that we could mission around solo, follow the music and follow the need of our LSD brains, and that we could always find our people when we needed. This kind of freedom allowed us to release control, worry and restrictions that can limit your experience on drugs and let us instead endeavor to indulge in world without.

Though the trip had faded by nightfall  the energy of the festival had not. From deep within the campsite in Mordor the tantalizing sound of Flume and the energy carried from the crowd filled every spare space, luring me back out to the floor and to their incredible performance. The evening continued up, as did I, and ended with the rush of the red bull stage and me rushing, as drum and bass carried us through the small hours of the morning. Mr. Green and the other DnB DJ’s delivered exactly what the late night crowd had waited for, and as I turned to face away from the stage back towards the mountain, it was lined with the last remaining dancers of the festival, following the bass into the sunrise.

Arriving back to camp around 6am once the music had finished, I again sat around the campsite embers, surrounded by silence and smiles. The sleeping campers slowly crept out to join the circle of sleepless, and together we shared our final joints of the weekend. To OppiKoppi and all the mango pickers, thank you for creating an amazing theatre to play in.