Some Tips For Splendour

Can you smell the festival season coming? Are you seeing festy’s facey accounts campaigning for your attendance? Have you noticed them slipping images and videos into your insta?

Ahhh Splendour in the Grass… memories

See a video on the scroll. Sure, why not; I’m at work, it’s the first thing in the morning; colleagues spill their coffee at the belter beat that breaks through. They might not be stoked but I’m in a great mood and will be for the rest of the day. It was when the memories of past Splendours came surfacing that the idea of getting tickets became the need.

It’s hard not to subconsciously start planning your Festy Season and with days until Splendour in the Grass kicks off, Festival Worlds is here to help. Here are a few tips to help cut a path through Splendour and leave with nothing but the best.

Don’t ‘experience’ the music, know the music

Know what you want to hear, have a schedule and be open to a few friendly deviations from that. People can wander aimlessly around Splendour but a woman or man with a plan is valuable. It’s easy with Spotify; get the line-up and listen to all the acts most played songs. If you don’t like those, you probably won’t like the band. If you do dig it then listen deeper. Compared to ‘experiencing’ the music it’s always better to know the music. So do your research and pump those beats for a month before the show. At the show you’ll be swinging and singing with each word instead of casually shoulder shrugging and twisting your feet without ever leaving that one tramped down piece of grass. Don’t be plan nazi though, if someone says “you haaave to see this band” then deviate. It could be a good surprise.

Play Homebase

Find yourself a special spot at each of the main stages, tell everyone and stick to it.  Pick a place just off from the thick of things. On the outskirts where you’re always bound to find someone else separated. It also frees you up to run amok and get right into the action when you want.  Chances are, at the end of the night, when the big dogs are playing you’ll end up with a massive crew.

Camping Tightrope

Get to the camping grounds as early as you can. The day before the festival starts is the best but it can be tricky. The road is clear of traffic and police, the staff are relaxed and you get to pick a prime camping spot. The tricky part is deciding when to get on it. If you arrive at 8am its tradition to celebrate with a bevvy but on a sunny Thursday this can lead to a heavy day that has you struggling when the festival actually begins. It’s a tight rope to danger zone timing. Get your buzz in and go wander. Don’t settle in tent city. Most people only have two full days but you’ve given yourself three. Pace yourself.

[aesop_quote type=”block” background=”#282828″ text=”#ffffff” align=”left” size=”3″ quote=”A semi-cold can cracked fresh at the start of Tkay Maidza beats that Campbell’s soup you pull from your hoody pocket” parallax=”off” direction=”centre”]


The festivals have this thing about fizzy drinks. After 2/3 days of Festival living the inside of your mouth starts to feel like a packet of Mentos in a coke bottle. Any glug of ¼ strength beer or redbull mixer explodes. Take your coffee with milk or sneak a chocolate bar in to ease the pain and continue the gain.

Do yourself a favour and fork out for a festy stubby cooler. Keep it on your spare drink/s. A semi-cold can cracked fresh at the start of Tkay Maidza beats that Campbell’s soup you pull from your hoody pocket. And if it survives the festy cooler you’ve got another stubby cooler.

Have cash cause ATM lines are the worst.

In a year you will be tighter than ever with your festy buds and as you sit in the garage of Jim’s uncle’s place on that Thursday night with nothing to do those Splendour memories will provide all the entertainment.

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