South African DJ Spotlight: YETI

I discovered Yeti whilst scouring Soundcloud last year looking for audible goodness to get me through what was otherwise a rather drab winter in Australia. After quickly becoming addicted to his ‘Journey To Afrikaburn’ and his more recent productions he quickly became one of my favourite Dj’s & producers. So this summer it was kak lekker seeing one of my fav DJ’s perform live in CPT and then got to fire random questions at him one hazy afternoon in the leafy suburb of Gardens. 

Q: Do you think music exists differently on other planets?

A: There’s different vibrations and frequency all throughout the universe but like the sound that humans perceive with their ears only really exists in a space where there is air that can move. In the vacuum of space there no air that can move. There’s a whole bunch of other frequencies like magnetic frequencies, but this is all we can perceive with our senses. So music might be a completely different animal in other planets where ‘people’ might perceive other frequencies differently, theoretically. So if you can survive in the vacuum of space you might be able to perceive different frequencies

Q: What role would a DJ or producer have in a festival?

A: I think one of the reasons religious people go to church or we go to a festivals is because it’s a whole group of people focussing their energy on one thing, listening to one thing, and then dancing and singing about it, almost like ‘the power of God’, in that way the Dj is kinda like a priest, you’re the person giving a sermon, people are coming to listen to you put out a frequency, your like a conductor of peoples energy on a dancefloor and you get those really special gigs where you like feel that you’ve encapsulated them the entire crowd and everyone is listening to what your doing and just being able to create that journey and it an extremely powerful thing for me.

Q: What do you think about South African festivals compared to overseas?

A: I’ve toured Europe three years in a row, 9-10 countries, 10 festivals, heaps of club gigs. I see South African festivals from a production side of view, from a conceptual point of view as really really beautiful, especially the more boutique ones like your Wolfkop, Bazique, even Into the Wild, so much attention to detail but in SA its really difficult to put on a festival with a high quality level without charging R500 for a ticket.  So although we reach a production level in SA that is equivalent to Europe, in Europe they’re charging R2000 for a ticket, and our festivals are operating on a much lower budget. The festival culture is alittle different there too because in Europe it’s engrained in their culture, peoples grandparents were going to festivals, they’ve been doing it for a long time so it’s not just about the party, it’s a cultural experience too.

To follow YETI, you can find him on Instagram under the @yeti_music and Soundcloud on /yeti_music.

Next up we’re in search to experience more of South Africa’s vibing boutique festival culture & see what Wolfkop & Bazique are partnering up to do for New Years Eve in the heart of Cape Town. Alcazar, we’re coming home.