Step into the Illuzion with DJ Justin James

For those unaware of the club scene in Phuket, it actually is home to Thailand’s highest rated nightclub, a full sensory experience known as Illuzion; recently voted by DJ Mag as the number 93rd best nightclub in the world. The creative masterminds behind this spectacular venue have let no detail unturned, and in doing so, attract nearly sell-out crowds EVERY night of the week.

Nostalgic of a festival experience, Illuzion melts your mind immediately as you walk through the doors with stunning visuals on one of Asia’s highest quality LED video walls, and sound quality reminiscent of a PK sound eargasm. When Justin drops a bassline at his Sunday night residency you feel it in your chest and the entire venue hums like a hive of playmates.

You can check out more about Illuzion and their daily events here

Kickstarting his career in the United States, Justin has been traveling and playing all of the US and abroad for many years. He is known for his intelligent open-format style of playing and his ability to flawlessly transcend all genres of music into one set. It takes a special kind of chameleon to live on the edge of those borders and one of Justin’s strengths is definitely his artistic spectrum. Give Justin any genre and he’ll light it up – a truly creative DJ in a world of button-pushers.

Being a DJ for Justin is more than just standing on stage and playing music. Justin is orchestrating the party by his own rules with a series of authentic and energetic transactions with the crowd that leaves rooms completely full when the lights go up.

The club scene is a different beast entirely to the festival circuit and at times wrought with kisses-asses and shit-talkers, Justin however has managed to keep it 100, focussed on the music and creating that electric vibe that is in some venues becoming more of a dream of times past – Sydney nightlife RIP – and is one of the reasons Illuzion has ascended the ranks so quickly.

If you are lucky enough, some afternoon, when you’re hungover as fuck, you might just end up running into Justin scooting around the roads of Patong on his bike… More than likely not wearing his helmet.

Follow Justin’s adventures through Asia here. Happy Travels festy fam!