Catching the Funk at The Vancouver Folk Music Festival

The 40th annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival took place under sunny skies at the always stunning Jericho Beach Park. Showcasing more the just folk music, the festival played host to rock, world music and festival veteran DJs The Funk Hunters. The Funk Hunters brought a guitar, a trumpet and two vocalists on stage to liven things up. Looking more like band leaders then DJ/producers, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith mixed bass heavy classics with new original compositions to compliment their live ensemble. I caught up with Nick after the show for a quick chat about festivals.

Last weekend at Basscoast, that was wild. What did you guys think of the theme “Space” and festival themes in general?

We’ve been a part of Basscoast for 9 years. We love that festival. We’re used to that. Every year we go to Burning Man and there’s always a theme. It incentivizes people to get more participatory, which is awesome. And that’s what you want. You want everyone at your festival to be hands-on and into it. And the “Space” theme couldn’t be cooler.

You guys have done a lot of big shows recently. Mainstage at FVDED, Victoria Canada Day Celebration then Mainstage at Basscoast.

Its pretty crazy – we had over 50,000 people at our Canada Day show in Victoria. Before our Basscoast set last weekend we played FVDED that same day.

And you’re still playing small, live shows like this at Folk Fest.

Ya I know! That’s the craziest thing. To be able to play such a diverse genre-based selection of festivals. To do an all electronic festival and then come to Folk Fest and play a live set – It’s fortunate. It means we get to play all over the place and meet lots of different people. Whether it’s a blues fest, a folk fest, or an electronic festival. It is awesome.

If you had a weekend off in 2018 what festival would you hit?

If I had a weekend off, I probably wouldn’t go to a festival! I live at festivals haha. But truthfully, I’ve never been to Glastonbury and I’ve always wanted to go to Glastonbury. It’s the mega festival of all festivals to end festivals. There are over a hundred stages. You have to look through a phonebook to see who’s playing.

What’s your go-to festival clothing piece?

Collared short-sleeve shirt. As funky as possible. But we’ve played so many festivals in the last two weeks that I’m down to the bottom of the wardrobe.