Pemby To Shamb #ohcanada

The state of Canadian electronic music festivals is good, overwhelmingly good. Coming from a heritage of countries where we started off ‘raving’ on secluded beaches, or snuck away in the hills at parties like Alien Safari, Rainbow Serpent and the Gathering it was really surprising to see the Canadians throw down some of the most epic summer festivals we’ve ever attended – with Shambhala easily swooping in and taking her crown as the best electronic music festival in Canada.


“Last year I toured music festivals throughout BC and it literally changed my life”

Jake, 26, Australia.


And the good times don’t just extend deep in the BC Valleys. The urban centres like Vancouver and Toronto are alive, catering to their homegrown crowds. Two such events were Bestival and Electric Island, hosted nearby are both just a ferry ride away from the latte comforts of a sprawling metropolis.

The urban crowd bring their own sense of community and identity at those events. Off the charts party appetite, and the celebrated weirdness that you’d expect from festivals deeper in the country – such as the Pemberton Music Festival which spontaneously developed human chicken fights in the campgrounds in 2014.

Coming from an outside perspective, nothing can prepare you for a Canadian festival. They are each little snowflakes, developing their own idiosyncratic behaviours and lifelong memories. The social glue undoubtedly holding them together is the highly admired awesomeness of the Canadians, and how they take celebrating to an artform.

We’ve uploaded our two Canadian festy tours into the world map article. If you’ve got a couple other road trips worth sharing feel free to give us a shout press@festivalworlds an we’ll feature it. Churrr.