Chinwags At The Barcelona Beer Festival

Sometimes in life you can surprise yourself, which is exactly what happened to the festival organisers behind Barcelona’s only craft beer festival which has been running strong for the past 6 years. They saw the rising tide of Barcelona’s craft beer scene, and created a well behaved yet dionysiac celebration that is attracting large flocks of innercity beer fans. They didn’t plan to quit their dayjob, but the long arm of fate saw otherwise.

We were in Barca this March so popped in for a drop and mingled with the crowd coming away with these 5 absurb but true takeaways:

1.There was once a guy who drank so much homebrew in America that he contracted Auto Gut Brewery Syndrome, which basically turns your stomach into a brewery, so anything you eat turns into beer, making you drunk.  Tragic end of the story though, his condition ultimately caused his death :/

2.The same bacteria & probiotics in yoghurt are found in many craft beers! Does that mean beer is breakfast, of course it does!

3.If you’re ever struggled trying to start the book Ulysses try starting from Chapter four…

4.There seems to be a growing New Zealand & Barcelona collaboration within craft beers. Is it a result of distributors or is NZ craft beer just really delicious? I believe the latter.

5.The pyramids were built by workers that were paid in beer, up to 3 times a day and started around mid morning. Ancient Egyptian texts display over 100 medicinal uses for beer too.

Well there you have it, the golden pearls of wisdom extracted from a full hearty afternoon of beer tasting. We also sat down with the festival organiser himself of the BFF and picked his brain to discover more about his journey.

Q: We bumped into a few overseas people here, how did you think they found out about this?

A: Barcelona beer is a trending topic, alot of international collaboration is also happening with our local brewpubs so people in the industry around the world know something is happening.

Q: Was there a competition on the day?

A: We organised a competition that happened prior to the festival, a blind tasting of all the breweries involved. This year to everyones surprise a foreign brewery actually won! Founders from the USA won and we were very lucky to have them attend. On the day there plenty of people doing their own blind tastings as well.

Q: Yup we did one ourselves. Any local brewpubs here in Barcelona that you’d recommend, so I can keep up the good work?

A: There’s a bunch popping out, but Napar, Blacklab and Garage are definately worth a visit.

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